Before Sunrise

Fell asleep about midnight… woke up on the ceiling at 4:00 thinking people were chanting in my living room. There is no way to keep the Imams out of my home, as many of the windows lack panes for ventilation purposes… I nearly dozed off again, but the Imam returned to say a brief GOODBYE at 4:20, and that was that. I was awake for good. This can’t go on.

Went in to the University and found my office preferable to my home. AC, new fully-loaded computer with internet and printer, whiteboard, and it’s nearly as big as my living area. I observed four lecturers, met with the director, and will sit down with the Rektor of the University tomorrow. The work could be thrilling. Sas has access to the entire EFL network in Jogja’s school system and private schools, and I have access to the Rektors of most of the major universities, in this, Indonesia’s and Java’s educational and cultural hub. Very very early days, but much to be excited about. Now I’m going to call a taxi and discover whether it can find me here, and go off to try to find a restaurant and a bar that are open on Ramadan. I may fail in that endeavor. Wish me luck.


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