The pain got so bad on that mountain hike last week tthat I knew I was gonna have to bite the bullet… and today I very nearly bit one literally… herewith the story of our adventure in the (I kid you not) Happyland Medical Center. Pictures courtesy of my personal nurse Julia, except for this one… notice how much more reassuring and attractive she looks than the water stain by the lightbulb in the ceiling or in this next pic of the patient’s elevator – mind the bare brick. Yesterday we made the appointment for today’s fun and games in a fairly polished looking office staffed and frequented by very very conservatively dressed Indonesian women, and we know that means. Imagine the giggles from nurse Julia as I answered her question about the brightly backlit sign over the reception desk advertising a treatment partnership with the “LVR Institute” in Los Angeles… where the L stands for “Laser” and the R for “rejuventation” and the V for …well… not writing that here…
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