So the next day, after the swimming pool lessons it was on the kit,
Out to the beautiful blue Gilley islands,
Where there are no cars or roads…
Imagine what’s going on down there, then go find out for ourselves with our instructor Pak Lulu…
2 dives later, a little euphoria, and after our exam the next morning, we’re Open Water certified and ready to go diving with Claude next month…


2 Responses to “114578922201247276”

  1. dysoet Says:

    wow… Who is that girl???? huehehe I hope you still remember me, I was one of your student at MEI 2years ago (SUMMER SESSION)

    good luck


  2. Jakarta Jump Says:

    Hi Dyah,

    I remember you very well — I thought about you many times during my time in Indonesiua, but had no way to contact you. Yeah — that’s Yuli. We’re currently in Korea (after a huge struggle, she arrived a week ago), and will be returning to Jogja in January for a wedding to beat all weddings. Eventually, assuming all remains safe, we’ll return to Indo more or less for good. I love it there, and she has, of course, a huge family.

    So you stayed in the US for 2 years? Did you finish your degree?

    Update me (and send me an email address)


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